Welcome Back, Commander

Hello everybody,

Behind those words picked from the "Command & Conquer" video game (youtube), I want to say that from now, and for as long as possible, I'm back into into the adventure of Bright Game Panel !

First, I apologize for this very long vacation from the BGPanel network and development. Linking social life, studies, computing, gaming and personal projects like BGPanel was very difficult for me the last months. That's why I decided to have a break on BGPanel and gaming. However, I remember that I said a friend (yes it is you super_g2 ) that I will never give up this project until this one will be finished.

A few days ago, I received a mail from Paypal, notifying me that I have just received a Donation of an amount of 100€ by Jean-Claude Dubois (much thanks ). When I read the mail, I realised that I created something cool and useful not only for me, but for a lot of people over the world. I had a brain wave : I waited too much for the time, now I will catch him directly in order to work on Bright Game Panel !

You, users, keep supporting me by feedbacks, donations or directly via Twitter. Developers, save my time by giving me some useful piece of code ! Just pick a task from the BTS or develop something you like, your own bright idea for BGPanel !

Once more, please, forgive me for not spending as much time as I should on this project.

Thank you everybody for keeping an interest in BGPanel.

Best Regards,
Nikita Rousseau, a.k.a Warhawk3407