Let's Go

Hello everybody ;)

So after weeks of non-progress regarding bright game panel, I would like first say that I'm sorry for so much delays about the development. I passed my exams at the end of June, then I took some holidays near sea and finally, I had a medical operation. To be honest, time went out.

However, I'm now free to work on my little baby called Bright Game Panel . This is the time for me to go back into Bright Game Panel business

I'm surprised to see more and more people connected with me about BGPanel, I will very pleased to work with you guys, to make this project more and more awesome !

For the following days, here are my plans :
- FlySpray BTS of the project
- Push on Github the last changes
- Implement User Requests and Locale Files
- Implement Game Installer (Warhawk3407)
- Much more...

Please stay tuned ! More news in the next days :-P