New Board !

Hello ! I'm Warhawk3407, lead developer of the Bright Game Panel Project. Today, I'm very proud to present you our new Forums. I hope you will really enjoy it ! See: Board

After the massive spam attack a few days ago on the previous board ( around 500 messages of blue piles, assurances, porn and much more... Thanks guys ), I decided to drop Vanilla for a more user-friendly and lighter CMS.

I choose FluxBB, a pretty cool
forum application. You can visit the project at:

Because of database compatibility issues, old data of the previous were deleted. We start with fresh and clean Forums.

You have to register once again, take attention to Forum Rules.

Administrators are me, warhawk, and also super_g2. If you see any forum bugs / broken forum rules / spam etc. on the new board , contact us via PM or email.