SSH Diagnostic Tool

After some users has experienced errors with SSH, I decided to create a tool in order to help users to identify where the error come from.

If you have go the famous error "Connection Error! Unable to connect to box with SSH.", this is for you !

I hope it will help understanding what is the cause of your error, is it a wrong de-cyphered password, an error while cyphering password or an "Empty" passphrase... Etc.

You can download this one @ BGPanel Files

Please, read the README !!!

Bright Game Panel Official Blog

We are proud to present you the Bright Game panel official website :-)

This Blog will publish all the announces concerning updates or any news relative to BGPanel. There are several ways to follow us: a RSS feed is available here: and if you want to join us on Tweeter:

Bright Game Panel is a free and open source game control panel for communities. We are still in beta stage, so don't be surprised to see bugs or unimplemented features. Main functions (Start/Stop/Reboot) are fully operational.

We will are currently working on the website. Once it will be finished, I will give you more details concerning the next updates and some answers about the questions you submitted me on Twitter or via my E-mail.

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